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Voices of Women – Sudbury Sexual Assault Centre

This service is a unit of Health Sciences North | Horizon Santé-Nord in Sudbury. The intake will consist of gathering basic information and providing client with information on the therapeutic groups, individual counselling, or women’s support groups. At that time, individuals will be registered to attend six bi-weekly educational workshops. If an individual does not feel comfortable in participating in a group, they will then meet individually with our therapist who will go through the information with them. Individuals who attend the educational workshops are not expected to share their stories at any given time. When completing the educational workshops, individuals will then have the option to begin individual counselling. Individuals who feel satisfied with the information given during the workshops can choose to not engage in individual counselling. We understand that every individual has different needs and will accommodate individuals the best we can. For example, an individual may access court support services during the course of the workshops.  Can also be reached through Ontario’s Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600. 


Walk With Me Canada Victim Services – Help and Support for Victims of Human Trafficking

Established by a survivor of human trafficking, Walk With Me was created with a commitment to ensuring that survivors have a place in providing first response care to victims of human trafficking and secondly with recognition that survivors should have a voice in developing a coordinated community response that can meet immediate crisis and longer term needs of trafficked victims. Since inception in 2009, Walk With Me has been working closely with various police services across Canada and has been able to provide unique services and support  to many victims of human trafficking in Ontario and all across Canada.


Winnipeg Police Service: Victim Services

Victim Services provides crime victims with information about their case at any stage of the investigation, and assists them in dealing with problems they have encountered as a result of the crime.  More latterly, the emphasis has extended include help to persons closely affected by sudden, tragic events.  As a complementary function to regular police functions, Victim Services most often provides help in: offering emotinal support; providing police information; furnishing information about court proceedings and court outcomes; information and explanations about the criminal justice system; notifying victims of the release of accused persons when non-communication provisions apply; providing crime prevention information; referring to other appropriate community services; making presentations to members of the public and professional agencies.


Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)/Rape Crisis Centre Stopping the Violence (STV) Counselling Program — Vancouver

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre works to end all forms of violence against women.  WAVAW provides information & Referrals, accompaniment to hospital, bus tickets, child care funds to attend counselling, and referrals to community agencies and government programs.  It has an aboriginal program. Support groups include Recharging, Women Connect, and Visioning Safety; groups are ongoing and start at various times throughout the year.


WomenatthecentrE – Ontario

WomenatthecentrE is a non-profit organization that works to eradicate violence against women through personal, political and social advocacy. As the only organization created by survivors for survivors, we use our shared experiences to help change public perceptions and policy. We are a resource centre where you can find courageous women survivors – the true experts with insightful and compelling experiences to help organizations working towards eradicating violence against women. We provide services to workplaces, schools, government agencies, and more, that build upon the foundational knowledge and experiences of our members and staff.