The Criminal Court Process – A brief overview of what you need to know as a victim of a violent crime

One of the key objectives of the Victim Justice Network (VJN) is to provide victims of crime with greater access to information on services, supports and other resources.  Victims of crime are often left to navigate a complex and confusing criminal justice system in the aftermath of their criminal victimization.  In order to guide victims through this process, the Victim Justice Network has created an easy understand Criminal Court Process chart which illustrates what typically happens after a crime has occurred.

This flowchart can be used to provide victims of crime with a pathway to what may take place during a criminal court process in a typical Canadian provincial court.  A copy of the chart is now available here on the VJN website and will also be shared with participants at the BC Collaborates Forum in Vancouver, B.C. on December 9th and 10th.

Criminal court process infographic v3

The Criminal Court Process Infographic (PDF)