Global Classroom

The Global Classroom

The Global Classroom is a unique online education and interaction collaboration between the Victim Justice Network and Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario to address emerging criminal justice issues impacting victims and survivors of crime. The VJN has delivered numerous live events online since 2016, many during National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week. You will find links to these archived events here.

List of Global Classroom Collaborations with Durham College:

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2020 — Criminal Victimization & The Impact of Media on Victims of Crime

This event explored the impacts and challenges of victims interacting with media in the aftermath of criminal victimization, and the lasting impact left on the individual, family and community. Victims must demonstrate great courage in the aftermath of criminal victimization, and in recent years, the impacts of media have been exacerbated by social media, which permits public commentary, and often harmful and inaccurate information, about high-profile criminal incidents as they occur in real time. This event engages a panel of experienced speakers and presenters from different perspectives to discuss this issue in detail.

2019 – Resilience and Victims of Violence Research Findings

This event provides an update on Phase One of the Algonquin College Project launched in 2015 in partnership with the Victim Justice Network.

2018 – Human Trafficking Globally and Locally

This event explores the growth of human trafficking around the world and what strategies and tools can be used to support victims of human trafficking.

2017 – Empowering Resilience for Victims and Survivors of Child Abuse in Canada

An exploration of emerging research on the impacts of child abuse and neglect in Canada and how child victims can be better supported by victim services.

2016 – Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence

Led by Professor Jo-Anne Wemmers, University of Montreal, this discussion examines the application of restorative justice practices for sexual violence offences and whether this is an appropriate model for victims and survivors in Canada.