Where To Store VJN Files

Your VJN account comes with two ways to store files:

  1. Sites (this is actually SharePoint Online): Each site is like a shared disk. You can create folders and files in it that are visible by everyone else with access to that site.
  2. OneDrive: Your OneDrive is a personal storage location you can access from anywhere, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can share particular files with people, but if your account is deleted all the files in your OneDrive are deleted also.

Of course, you can also store working files on your local computer, but they should be saved to one of these location periodically for backup.

 Our policy is:

All finished documents must be stored in a Site.

Currently we have two sites:

VJN Team Site: accessible by all VJN members

Executive Site: accessible by the VJN executive members

Documents in a Site should be organised into folders and given clear, descriptive names. When naming a file or folder, please remember that other people will be using the site and must be able to identify the purpose of the document of folder from its name. Often the name should contain date or version information to distinguish it from others created for a different date or time.

 To avoid cluttering up the sites with temporary, working files you can store temporary files in your OneDrive or on your local computer.

Syncing Files

Storing files in Sites is particularly easy if you can sync the site to your local machine. Note that you have to have enough local disk space to store all the files in the Site.

When you are logged in a Site, syncing can be started by clicking on the sync icon

 1 syncIcon