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To promote awareness and understanding of victims of crime through an electronic online network.

The Victim Justice Network (VJN) will address the following four priority areas in a national and international context:


  1. To promote access to justice for victims of crime through online victim-centred information, resources and referrals.
  2. To build a network of justice professionals, victim service providers and other supporting victims of crime.
  3. To participate in the development of educational resources on emerging victim issues.
  4. To participate in research on emerging victim issues.
  • Increase public awareness of victim issues by providing better access to information and resources for crime victims online and through mobile applications;
  • Promote greater collaboration across sectors to better serve and support victims;
  • Develop a website that can meet the demand for online educational training resources to support those who interact with victims every day;
  • Promote and support research and innovation through a network of service professionals who can work together to develop better models and approaches to serving crime victims.
  • Finally, provide a forum to address emerging areas of victimization that require specialized expertise and supports: for example human trafficking, online sexual exploitation, and crimes involving children and youth.

This site includes access to existing information about services and supports available to crime victims in their community. The VJN does NOT provide direct victim services through its website.

The site also includes plain language information about the criminal justice system and how to navigate the system.

We are also building a national network of victims and victim service agencies, professionals and others to better meet the pressing needs of crime victims in areas such as:

  • Access to Victim Services
  • Navigating through the Criminal Justice System
  • Access to Legal Assistance and Legal Education Resources
  • Access to Health Care and Mental Health supports
  • Access to Financial Assistance
  • Highlighting services for vulnerable victims including LGBTQ, Indigenous, Disabled, and new immigrant and ethno-cultural communities
  • Highlighting services and supports for Gender-based Violence
  • Information about Housing, Family Services and other Essential Supports

By creating an online service “hub” we hope to provide victims and survivors of violence with access to a trusted resource that can assist them on the road to recovery and healing.

There are a number of key challenges facing crime victims across Canada that the VJN aims to address through a national network:

  • Information-sharing barriers;
  • Access to financial resources and supports;
  • Access to non-traditional programs, services and supports;
  • Better coordination of services and supports to provide a continuum of services;
  • Assistance and support in navigating the criminal justice system; and
  • Better trained and knowledgeable service providers.

The Victim Justice Network also aims to educate, and raise awareness of the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (2015) which provides four principal rights to victims/survivors of crime: Information, Protection, Participation and Restitution.

Since 2013 the VJN has received time limited funding from the Department of Justice Canada Victims Fund. The VJN currently operates on project-based funding, and is operated and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers, advisors and supporters.

Since 2014, the VJN has delivered and organized a number of national consultations, online events, and educational forums with its partners and supporters in order to raise awareness of issues impacting victims of violence across Canada.

Over the past five years, the VJN has established a national network of approximately 600 individuals and organizations across Canada in order to increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of victimization, the needs of victims of crime, available services, assistance and programs, and relevant legislation such as the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (2015).

In 2014, the VJN hosted a successful national in-person/online planning symposium which engaged both in-person (Toronto) and online participants. This symposium, funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, established the foundational objectives of the VJN and used technology to engage over 50 participants throughout Canada. 

Since 2014, the Victim Justice Network has demonstrated its ability to deliver credible information, education and assistance to victims and survivors of crime, and those who work to support them.

The VJN launched its website in 2015 and provides access to information and education to crime victims and those who work to support them. In addition, the VJN is a national leader in the delivery of national interactive webinars and live videoconference events. Since 2014, the VJN has successfully delivered three national webinars on victimization topics and three Global Classroom events in collaboration with Durham College with an outreach in the thousands of views and/or downloads.

All recorded events, webinars and global classrooms can be found on the VJN website.

The VJN has also utilized online communication via its website and social media channels to reach hundreds of registered individuals and organizations on a regular basis through its newsletter and social media posts. 

Over the past five years, the VJN has worked with a diverse range of individuals, national partners, and organizations on a range of important projects and initiatives impacting victims and survivors of crime across Canada.

These advisors and supporters include representatives and volunteers from diverse fields and experience from across Canada and the globe. They include:

  • Victims of Crime
  • Policing representatives
  • Law & Criminal Justice professionals
  • Communications and Media advisors
  • Information and Referral Services professionals
  • Victim Services & Support workers
  • Researchers and Academics from Colleges and Universities
  • Legal Education organizations

For a list of current VJN partners and advisors please see our partnerships page.

Please refer to our Board and Executive Team page

Please refer to our Board and Executive Team page

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