April 2015

Where To Store VJN Files

Your VJN account comes with two ways to store files:

  1. Sites (this is actually SharePoint Online): Each site is like a shared disk. You can create folders and files in it that are visible by everyone else with access to that site.
  2. OneDrive: Your OneDrive is a personal storage location you can access from anywhere, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can share particular files with people, but if your account is deleted all the files in your OneDrive are deleted also.

Using Your Current Email Client

This is an optional step for those users who want to access their VJN email from a different mail client.  There are many pages on the Internet that can help you with this.  The ones we recommend are listed

Quick Start

If you already know your way around Office products and online applications, follow this list of steps to get started:


These pages will help you get started with your VJN Office 365 account.  It covers basic setup and how we use it.  If you have further questions on the use of Office 365 please check publically available online resources, there is a huge amount of information available.

Staff Home

Hi! Welcome to the staff home page.  Here are a list of commonly used links:
Maintain Services
Maintain Resources
For other pages start with the [Staff] dropdown menu on the right.